19 April 2018 last updated at 03:55 GMT
13 MAR 2018
During his cross, said couldn't remember details of IPL 2009 foreign exchange offences
07 MAR 2018
Former BCCI chief Shashank Manohar was told he has been less than economical in his disclosures to HC and ED.
28 FEB 2018
Former IPL boss’s legal team was to cross-examine them in a FEMA Act violation case of 2009 IPL
19 FEB 2018
The service agreement and the contract term will cover one season of the IPL (2018) and one season of domestic cricket (2018-2019)
05 FEB 2018
It was only on Sunday night that the website was up and running and officials could access their email accounts
03 FEB 2018
“If we had got a senior cricketer then, the BCCI would not have been able to run rings around the CoA as it did”
30 JAN 2018
BCCI affiliates have suggested that the CEO post should be done away with, because there’s no need for it
30 JAN 2018
CoA submitted its sixth status report to the court on January 25, Johri had filed an affidavit of his own
Ruchir Modi to set up 8 cricket academies across Rajasthan
Committed to the growth of cricket in Rajasthan, the academies will be called the ‘Lalit Kumar Modi Center of Excellence’
Twitter war: Lalit Modi drags Rahul Gandhi into RCA dispute
Hours before the first IPL game at Jaipur after 4 years, a wordy duel between Lalit Modi and RCA president Dr. C.P. Joshi set Twitter on fire.