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Modinagar were built by Mr. Modi, or Rai Bahadur as he was called, under his

              personal supervision took rightful pride in claiming that he had been able to
              complete the construction of almost every building in the town in about nine

              months’ time. Why nine months for every building, big or small? Quickly he
              would add, “Well, God creates new life in that much time. I am only following

              what the Almighty has been doing all along.” Under his personal supervision,
              many a wall was pulled down, beams re-laid and the position of the shuttering

              changed to accommodate the practical suggestions made by him during the
              process of construction.

 CHAPTER ONE  The personal life of Mr. Modi was a marvellous blend of all that is modern and
              traditional. As a person he was a perfect synthesis of the feudal and the progres-
 FAMILY, BOYHOOD   sive. He would not sacrifice all that was Indian for the sake of the so-called mod-

 AND EARLY EDUCATION  ern values. He led a simple life deeply dedicated to his work. He commanded full
              respect among the members of his household in the same way as he exercised

              full control over the numerous factories owned and run by him. At his behest
              everyone in tile household visited the temple in the morning and bowed before

              their elders to seek their blessings. Himself a deeply religious man, he attended
              religious discourses almost every day and at times held philosophical conversa-

              tions with learned people of all faiths on the eternal problems of man. There he
              meditated and prayed for spiritual solace.

              Such was the man who from a modest beginning rose to the towering heights
              of an industrial giant.

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