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with a son whom he named Multanimal after the city of Multan.

              Mr. Multanimal Modi was also a gifted businessman like his father. While helping

              his father in business, Mr. Multanimal in his own right came to be known for his
              honest dealings and shrewd business acumen. He told his father that he would

              join neither army nor civil service nor any other service, but would set up his own
              independent business. He had an immense measure of self-confidence and his

              discerning father gave him the desired consent. He had no difficulty in raising
              the initial finance required for the business.

              Mr. Multanimal started his career as a commission agentin foodgrains at Pati ala.
              Gradually, he started supplying wheat to a flour mill at Patiala which was then

              run in partnership by a few Parsi and Sikh officers. For some years business at the
              mill ran smoothly. But suddenly the mill suffered heavy losses and the owners

              were obliged to dispose it off. This offered a natural opportunity to Mr. Multani-
              mal to expand and diversify his business. He purchased the mill in 1894 and with

              his managerial skill and business talent reorganised its working. The business
              flourished rapidly.

              Mr. Multanimal established his name not only in business circles but also in the

              field of public service. It was due to his popularity and understanding of pub-
              lic affairs that he was made an honorary magistrate and was also elected City

              Father of Patiala. He was the first and also the last in the state to get the title
              of Rai Bahadur. This was a fitting recognition of his services as a businessman

              and philanthropist. Two high schools were among the many public welfare in-
              stitutions established or patronised by him. He also contributed liberally to the

              gvshalas besides forming a public welfare council to look after the welfare of
              others. He took keen interest in Persian language and literature and left behind

              several manuscripts in that language Mr. Gujarmal Modi was the second child in
              the family of

              Mr Multanimal Modi who married four times. His first wife, who hailed from the
              family of the Dewan of Khetri, gave birth to a daughter and died four years af-

              ter marriage. His second marriage was solemnised with Chandi Devi, daughter
              of Nanak Ram of Nawazpura, District Narnaul, in 1896. Mr. Multanimal did not

              have any son so far. Being an orthodox Hindu, the elders in the family believed

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