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              We have  few  biographies  of  Indian  businessmen  because their routine lives
              have little to attract an  author.  Yet  it  is these very men who by  slow  and

              patient  efforts  first  perceive  their goal  and  then  by  steady  and  powerful
              strides,  march forward till it is achieved. It is indeed fascinating to see how many

              of them  started  from  humble  beginnings  and   grew  into   big  in  dustrial gi-
              ants, to watch the step-by-step emergence and growth of their sharp minds and

              to see them emerge as distinguished men. Often it is a story not merely of how
              an industry is built but of how the profits are spent for constructive and creative


              Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi was a man who knew how to not only make  a  for-
              tune  but  also  how  to  spend it  fruitfully. He had all the qualities which make
              a successful man of busi  ness and honesty, resoluteness, circumspection and,

              what is more important, a powerful imagination and exemplary courage which

              made  his  most  ambitious schemes successful. He was an industrialist, a patriot
              and a  philanthropist whose service to the country was as great as his love for
              humanity was profound. This book is more a chronicle of Mr. Modi’s life than a

              biography. The author had the good fortune of coming into close personal con-

              tact with him and was, therefore, privileged to know  him  and  his  family at close
              quarters. Mr. Modi often talked  to  him  about  his  past  life in  a reminiscent
              mood. The author also had the benefit of getting information about Mr. Modi

              from the members of his family. It was only after  1972, when Mr. Modi began

              to keep indifferent health, that the author could not meet him regularly, and so
              the narrative since that date is sketchy, even disjointed. An attempt is  however
              made to give an adequate account of Mr. Modi’s life and a balanced estimate of

              his character and achievements. If a more knowledgeable reader finds  any fac-

              tual  errors  or  lacunae  in this account, the fault lies with the author.

              P. P. S. CHAlJHAN
              Professer’s Lodge,  Modinagar


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