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Welcome to my new website
By Lalit K Modi - 19 May 2011

Welcome to my new website! And what a time to launch with India recently becoming World Champions and IPL providing plenty of talking points. Throughout my life, I have been a devoted fan of cricket. Cricket is my lifelong passion. It is a sport I have had the privilege of serving and enjoyed watching all over the world. So this new site mirrors my passion for the game and if you're a cricket fan yourself, I hope it will reflect yours too.

But in all likelihood you're also reading this because you're aware of my ongoing issues with the Board of Cricket Control For India. (BCCI) The BCCI, through the office of Mr. N. Srinivasan, have made allegations about my conduct as Commissioner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) - all of which are completely without foundation. These include allegations about financial irregularities and accusations of profiting personally from the creation of the IPL via undeclared interests in companies and IPL franchises. All of these accusations are untrue and very hurtful.

There's no getting away from the fact that the last year has been a challenge, especially as I have been forced to leave my beloved India and live abroad in London due to threats to my family and my security. But, here we are 12 months on, and not a single fact or discrepancy has come to light to support these unfounded allegations. Frankly, that's because there aren't any. That is why I'm doing everything I can to clear my name and putting as much fact and information as I am legally able to in the public domain, goes part of the way to doing this. I am happy to be judged but it must be on facts not innuendo, and by an objective and fair process. At the moment neither of these is happening. So, you be the judge on the facts please.

Since the allegations were presented, I've made sure every piece of available documentation has been replicated in full for people to see at www.lalitmodi.org . There's a short-cut at the top of this page or you can directly access information regarding the allegations and my responses by clicking on the 'LKM Legal' button on the right hand side of the page.

Here on this site, you can also view the interview I did with the respected journalist Mihir Bose. Mihir is the BBC's former Sports Editor and his forthright and unsolicited questions made for a revealing session.

I am proud of what was achieved with the IPL. We gave the fans something to excite and entertain them and the Indian public have taken it to their hearts. I only hope the BCCI don't diminish its worth with the false allegations they're making about the person they charged with creating it.

However, back to the cricket! This site is a more interactive opportunity for cricket lovers around the world to connect with each other and also with me. It reflects the game, its players and, now it is 'live' for you the fans. Here, I urge you to learn more about the real Lalit Modi, discuss cricket and enjoy the world's greatest game with fellow fans

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