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Lalit Modi Group to move court
Wednesday 15 October 2014

The Lalit Modi Group in the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) has decided to move court against the new 'working president' of the state's cricket governing body, Amin Pathan.

"Suspended secretary' of the Modi faction, Sumendra Tiwary, had filed a police complaint on Tuesday against Pathan, who was in turn 'suspended' by the former IPL commissioner's faction for bringing disrepute to RCA.

Last week, the Kota-based Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Pathan claimed to have ousted former IPL commissioner Modi along with secretary Tiwary and treasurer Pawan Goyal with the support of 23 out of 33 district units of RCA. Deputy president Mehmood Abdi, member of the Modi group, had however termed the move "illegal".

"This is India where an independent and fair judicial system prevails. It is pure hooliganism where a few people guided by their vested interests have forcefully tried to take control over RCA, without having any legal sanctity. We can't stoop to that level and believe that law will prevail."

We would be moving court for legal remedy in the matter and hope we would get it soon," Abdi, who is also Modi's lawyer, told reporters in Jaipur today.

Abdi added: "We have support of 21 district units. There was no proper notice, district units were not informed and the agenda too was missing.

With the support of a few anti-social elements that are more seen in the political rallies, Amin Pathan and his men have forcefully entered the RCA office. But that does not mean that they are the real RCA. We are the legally elected body under the supervision of the Honourable Supreme Court."

"Pathan and his men were well aware even before the RCA elections in December last year that BCCI might take some action. But at that point they had supported Modi. They are turncoats who want to have instability in RCA because of their vested interests."

"In fact it is N Srinwasan who first adopted arm twisting tactic by threatening RCA and leaving it out of the domestic calendar, but when he realised that a decision in this matter was likely to come from the courts, he used this illegal ploy to thwart RCA and Lalit Modi. BCCI has no right to grant sanctity to RCA. Those who are involved in this illegal coup have taken huge risks, as there might be criminal implications and they might be held responsible for perjury," concluded Abdi.

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