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IS Bindra raises serious questions about BCCI leadership
Sunday 02 June 2013

Former BCCI president IS Bindra raised serious questions about the powers that be in the Indian cricket set-up on Saturday.

The former ICC principal advisor, writing on his website (www.isbindra.com), alleged that the Gurunath Meiyappan incident is not the first time that the BCCI has been found wanting.

In his piece, Bindra alleges that in 2010 on India's tour to Sri Lanka, an India player who plays CSK was found to have a girl linked to a bookie in his room for an overnight stay.

A report in this regard was sent to BCCI, but the ultimate verdict was watered down under pressure from the BCCI.

''This incident was in gross violation of security as well as anti corruption regulations. On the basis of General's report , the Sri Lankan Board reported these sordid details in writing to the team Manager along with documentary evidence and also informed anti corruption official of ICC. It is understood that under pressure from an official of Indian Board, the Sri Lanka board was made to withdraw the report. Mihir Bose filed this story in The Sunday Times, which was rubbished by the BCCI spokesperson, and  Sri Lanka Cricket Board was arm-twisted into denying the whole episode,'' writes Mr Bindra.

The former BCCI president also raised concerns about the fact that Indian team continues to have employees of India Cements travelling with them on all tours.

''Now think of this, it means that these people are outsiders and are not subject to the ICC Code of Conduct. They are also out of the BCCI’s purview. These people are privy to the Indian team’s strategy meetings and dressing room deliberations and they have access to all classified information. India Cement nominees are not BCCI officials/employees. The precedent of a private company involved in intimate cricket insider information is highly controversial and has some serious and thought provoking implications,'' added Mr Bindra.

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