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A disappointing start to an exciting journey!
By Lalit K. Modi - 4th April, 2012

An opening ceremony is an opportunity for organisers to set up their event with an unforgettable presentation that maximises everything that is good about their event. It should set it up as a 'must see' offering that no-one can dare miss; an opportunity to set off like a runaway train, rather than just chug out of the station on another mediocre journey.

But the IPL's opening ceremony to set up the fifth series, was an engine that, for me, didn't even leave the station.

Like millions of people, I was - and still am - excited by the prospect of the IPL's return and the opening ceremony in Chennai was to be the moment when all of the hype, excitement, and anticipation became glorious reality. But, with the opening game just around the corner, there was no crackle and fizz. I was so disappointed. At least the opening game should be cracking entertainment and by the time we get into the full flow of the tournament the opening night will be forgotten. For me, that won't  be difficult.

The IPL is a vibrant product that should bring together the players, the concept, the excitement and the fans. But the fact this was a ceremony that was not the immediate prelude to the first fixture was in my view, a mistake. It should have been staged immediately before the first game in a full stadium with thousands of expectant fans watching on and enjoying - and intensifying - the atmosphere. Instead, the location gave me, as a viewer, the feeling that this was an event for a select few and we were privileged to be allowed to peek through the railings.

I don't intend to discuss the actual programme of events or its contributors because, to be honest, I  couldn't bear to watch it all. But I was shocked that the basic principle of being 'for the fans and with the fans' was overlooked for an event that was removed from what I regard as its natural position, immediately before the much awaited first game.

Still, the tournament has arrived and some of the world's best players are ready to entertain us. Onwards and upwards from here!

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