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A competition for all, that's inspired by a memorable day at the cricket!
By Lalit K Modi, 17 June, 2013

This blog reflects the conversations I had on Twitter at the weekend. It's a bit of fun at a time when we all need reminding that cricket in India should be enjoyed, not endured. This idea is intended to brighten the mood a little......

Saturday was a great day.

Not only did I see India win in the ICC Champions Trophy, but I visited a truly great cricket ground at Edgbaston and met with some wonderful people. The great thing was, they were genuine cricket fans and after the events of recent weeks, that was so refreshing!

The whole experience led to an idea, which I tweeted about through the match and then promised to reflect on my website. So here goes....

During the day, someone sent me a satirical cartoon, which showed Mr. Srinivasan still telling someone (Lalit, who?) what they should or shouldn’t say in a press conference. The amusing suggestion was that he’s still pulling the strings behind the scenes.

When I re-tweeted it, many people had comments and ideas. It made for a fun afternoon and made me wonder how creative cricket fans might be if they were challenged to come up with cartoons of their own? 

So here’s the deal. The ‘best’ cartoon, posted on Twitter which reflects BCCI events will earn its creator two tickets from me to a team fixture of their choice. Retweets and ‘likes’ will be the key element to this. It must be circulated via a tweet and must be re-tweeted and ‘liked’ to win. You don’t have to be a professional artist, it just needs to be reflective and funny.

Please remember, this is an informal competition. It’s meant to be a bit of light hearted relief that stems from the conversations I had with true fans at Edgbaston. Obviously we need to have some ground rules and first of all, it clearly won’t cost you anything to enter and I’m not collecting anyone’s data or anything like that. If you enter, you do so by ‘publishing’ your cartoon yourself and including me on the send list.

I will monitor the popularity and then announce a winner and my decision is final!

The cartoon must be an original and must not have been published anywhere. (I will be checking!)

It must be about Indian cricket only and the subject matter is the current situation for the BCCI.

The cartoon must be satirical but not insulting. I will not consider ANY cartoon I think is in bad taste and I take no responsibility for the postings you make yourself. You must remember that the usual restrictions of libel will apply to you as they do for any comments you make on a public platform. I do not condone - and will not consider - any material that is offensive. It should be clever and witty, not rude or disrespectful. Any cartoon that doesn’t respect these guidelines will not win the ‘prize’ even if it’s re-tweeted the most.

Entrants should declare on the tweet, which team fixture they would like to go to in the event of being declared the winner. But if you don't win, you don't go. There are only two tickets and one winner!

So the ‘prize’ is one pair of tickets to a team fixture, and it can be anywhere in the world, but travel, accommodation, or any other associated expenses are NOT included. It is two tickets only and you need to be able to get there yourself, so don’t suggest a game you can’t get to from where you live! Also remember it’s a team fixture, so for example, the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February is not an option.

The game you choose must take place between 1st September, 2013 and 31st May, 2014.

The last date for submission will be June 25th 2013 at 5pm British Summer Time. Retweets and 'likes' will be considered until midnight British Summer Time on 29th June, 2013.

I will announce the ‘winner’ on this website and on Twitter.

As I said earlier, this is purely for a bit of fun and was inspired by my day at Edgbaston and my conversations with some wonderfully genuine cricket fans. The tickets are just for a bit of added incentive and I’m not going to entertain anyone who wants to contest the outcome!

Good luck!

Follow my thoughts on the BCCI crisis through my Twitter account @lalitkmodi

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