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By Lalit K Modi, 30 August, 2014

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Today's India has the best example possible in leadership in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister has championed the cause of federalism in India. He believes in devolving power and letting the states function as much as they can on their own. In his own words, all states are part of Team India that is working towards developing a proud and confident country. With such a leader showing the way you would have thought that the other walks of life would apply the thought of federalism. But sadly that is not the case.

The BCCI officialdom led by Srinivasan for one do not want to follow that example as they trying their level best to muzzle everything federal in Indian cricket. The latest example is their reported plan to keep Rajasthan out of all domestic competitions in all age groups. Just imagine Rajasthan, not long ago, the two-time Ranji champion may well not find a place in the premier tournament. Why? Simply because they don't like the idea of a state association having a valid electoral process to elect their ruling dispnesation. Such is the fear in the corridors of Srinivasan's fiefdom that they have gone to the extent of keeping the Rajasthan sides out of all age-group tournaments. I wish they would just look at the Prime Minister and learn something from him.

The BJP is not in power in all the 28 states and six union territories. But that does not mean that the Prime Minister is ignoring the non-BJP states. When he is the Prime Minister of the country he is in that position for the whole of India. You cannot afford to get petty when you get that seat. But Mr Srinivasan does not think that way.  For Srinivasan, those in opposition are really his opponents. It is not about working together as a team to make India a better cricketing nation. Together we can be an unbeatable force, but if we are divided then we will only fail at various levels.

BCCI selectors may have chosen Rajasthan's current pride Pankaj Singh as a Test bowler for England series. That is an aberration for now as Rajasthan's other talented boys do not find the same level playing field when it comes to opportunities at the highest level. We had Robin Bist who kept piling the runs in Ranji Trophy, but today he is not in the frame. Rajasthan has some of the best talent in the country, but talent is nothing without opportunity.

But Rajasthan is just one example of Mr Srinivasan's apathy towards state associations being `run' by opponents. Look at the latest report about Wankhede Stadium not being ideal for TV production. Now, a stadium which has hosted such iconic matches as the World Cup 2011 final, World Cup 1987 semi-final, and World Cup 1996 match, and lots of other important Test matches is suddenly not good enough? If you are smart enough, please do read between the lines. Mr Sharad Pawar, a dynamic visionary leader, does not go down well with those in power and those on the seat (note the difference because we know who is in power, who else but Srinivasan).

Look at the state of Bihar, another classic example of mismanagement by Mr Srinivasan and his cohorts. Once a Ranji Trophy side and a full member, the state is struggling to be re-admitted in the parent body. Why? Again because Bihar was ignored when the state was bifurcated to create Jharkhand. Strangely, the new state of Jharkhand was admitted but not Bihar. Today as a result Bihar is struggling because of lack of decision making from Srinivasan and his cronies. Today we have an able administrator like Aditya Varma running from pillar to post but his Bihar body does not get any hearing from Srinivasan and his cronies.

I am worried that if this trend continues that in the long run we will miss out on a number of talented players who are available in big supply in the hinterland of the country. The more we allow this acrimony to continue the more we will miss out on becoming a great cricketing nation. Ultimately Srinivasan needs to remember that he is because of the game and not the other way around. It took not one but two England tours over three years for Srinivasan to clip the wings of Duncan Fletcher. Wonder how many more mishaps it will take for others to realise the folly of blindly following Srinivasan.

Together we are here to build a Team India just like Prime Minister Modi. But if we fail to unite then we will struggle like we have in England in the ongoing series. But is anyone listening? ‎

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A landmark judgement passed by the division bench of the Delhi High Court comprising the Honourable Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed and Honourable Justice Vibhu Bakhru today set aside all orders against Mr. Lalit Modi – the Founder and Chief Architect of the Indian Premier League and the President of the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) and restored his passport, thereby paving the way for Mr. Modi’s return to India.

Restoring Mr. Modi’s passport, the bench said that the revocation order was invalid and it failed to clear the test laid out in Menaka Gandhi's case for revocation of a passport. Further, the bench said the order revoking Mr. Lalit Modi's passport was invalid as it was influenced by materials, which were extraneous and irrelevant and no serious issue was disclosed, which could justify revocation of the passport. The bench noted that Mr. Modi had provided all the documents sought  for and had offered to be examined by video conference and therefore the order of revocation was not lawful.

The bench also said there is a specific procedure and statutory provisions for default or non-compliance of summonses under FEMA and revocation of his passport for such default on the ground that it was in the interest of general public 'was not lawful'.

Commenting on the landmark judgement passed by the division bench of the Delhi High Court today, Mr. Modi said, “It has been a long and hard fight and today, I stand vindicated. I have always believed in our legal system and finally justice has prevailed. Virtually every case that was based on falsehoods has not been able to stand up to our legal system and for that I am thankful. I have always maintained that I am keen to return to India and return I will sooner rather than later. But I will continue to fight the good fight for the sake of cleansing our beloved game of cricket and everything that continues to ail it."

Mr. Lalit Modi was earlier this year elected the President of the RCA. With this verdict and the restoration of his passport, there is no impediment against Mr. Lalit Modi returning to India.

Earlier this year in February, the Division Bench of the Honourable Bombay High Court had also set aside the opinion formed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to hold adjudication proceedings against Mr. Lalit Modi. The bench comprising Justice Vajifdar and Justice Collabawala had allowed the same on two counts - violation of principles of natural justice whereby much of the documents relied upon by the agency were not supplied and the opinion rendered was wholly unreasoned. The court then had given an option to the ED to issue a fresh show cause notice, which was not done.


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