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I am aware of the recent developments concerning Chris Cairns. While I am still bound by the injunction put in place by the Court in 2012, I am of course monitoring the story as it unfolds with interest. My lawyers will soon update me on matters and I will comment further when it is appropriate to do so.


Lalit Modi's interview in SportBusiness International


I am just amazed to see N Srinivasan and his cronies in the BCCI, always in a hurry. What else explains their urgent meeting in Chennai earlier this month, where they passed a judgement to counter all possible verdicts of the honourable Supreme Court. They have delayed the BCCI AGM for the first time in its history and basically halted the decision-making process for one man, Srinivasan.

Mr. Srinivasan appears to be in a rush to get back in the saddle, even as the Supreme Court has given the honourable Justice Mukul Mudgal panel two more months to complete its investigation. So basically Srinivasan wants to have the last word on the issue by now setting November 20 as the date for the AGM!

Now if Srinivasan is clean, why doesn’t he wait for the final verdict? Why can’t the BCCI function smoothly, without the AGM being delayed? One of the many flimsy excuses parroted by the BCCI secretary, sorry, secretary of Srinivasan, Sanjay Patel for postponing the BCCI AGM is that the BCCI accounts need to be finalised.

When the Board’s working committee can authorise Srinivasan’s yes man, Ravi Shastri to take charge of Team India till the next World Cup, why can’t it pass the accounts and let the Board function smoothy?

The devil lies in the detail. And the devil here is: Post September 30, if the BCCI AGM is not held, all committees of the board as well as office bearers of the board will cease to hold their positions.

The BCCI is a dynamic body that has survived many pulls and pressures since its inception in 1929. But now the BCCI constitution needs to be revised for the welfare of the entire body, and not just a particular person, which works perfectly into the hands of Srinivasan. Thanks to the machinations of Srinivasan, it’s high time for us to reinvent and set a new order for the future generations. If we miss this chance, Indian cricket will suffer for long.

Meanwhile, Srinivasan continues unchecked thanks to his cronies. He has found a way of keeping everyone happy.

Figure this! It’s the East Zone’s turn to elect the president. So we have Cuttack and Kolkata getting matches in the West Indies series. Odisha's Ranjib Biswal was made IPL chairman last year as well as Indian team manager for the Champions Trophy. Ranchi and Cuttack, apart from hosting IPL matches, are all set to get Test status. Anurag Thakur, a key supporter of Srinivasan also gets to host a ODI against West Indies. The South has also been kept happy with a chance to host matches in the West Indies series.

Another novel concept is of the observers who ‘travel to understand issues’ when on overseas tours with the Indian cricket team, in addition to the managers appointed for being faithful. This policy will now apparently extend to the domestic series as well.

Mr Srinivasan, for once, end this culture. You have ruined Indian cricket with your misrule. Why drag it down further? My appeal is more to these ‘so-called observers’. Are you so weak that you need such crumbs to sustain your survival? Show some spine for once! Do not crawl when asked to bend. Indian cricket’s future is at stake and it requires some more spunk from the stakeholders.

These hand-me downs may look like having secured Srinivasan’s present, but have ruined Indian cricket’s future. Indian cricket should be more worried about the fact that just one sponsor turned up to pitch for all cricket in the country. You may cite ‘a short international season’ as a convenient excuse, but surely companies come forward with three-year plans. If only one has come forward now for just one season, imagine the future!

This is the time for reckoning for all concerned in the other Team India that plays off the field at Wankhede Stadium. Let’s hope the great Vinoo Mankad’s deeds inspire all those passing through the gate with his name while deciding Indian cricket’s future.

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