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I have issued proceedings in the High Court of Justice in London to set aside the 2012 Chris Cairns libel judgment on the ground of fraud, and to seek the return of all of the damages and costs which I paid following that judgement of over £2.4m. In light of the CPS case against Chris Cairns and Andrew Fitch-Holland, and the injunction which remains in place following the 2012 judgment, I will not be making any further comments until it is appropriate for me to do so.



Lalit Modi's interview in SportBusiness International




Thank you Honourable Supreme Court (SC) of India.


Thank you retired Justice Mudgal!


You have lit the flame that will purify world cricket by burning out the malaise within the system.


For way too long, I have been the sole voice against the corrupt, autocratic, and power hungry N Srinivasan. Hence, the Mudgal Committee hearing before the Supreme Court on Friday was like sweet music to my ears.  It feels good to have my stand and comments vindicated - Thank God for the Judiciary!


The recent Mudgal Committee hearing on November 14 revealed the names of ICC chairman - N Srinivasan, his muscle man and cohort - Sundar Raman, an IPL team owner - Raj Kundra, and a “cricket enthusiast” - Gurunath Meiyappan. We are given to understand these are the ‘non-playing actors’ in the climax of a potboiler that has brought nothing but shame to the great game and to all its conscience keepers at the BCCI. Former BCCI President Mr. Shashank Manohar very astutely pointed out this would mean that the said persons were prima facie indicted in the report, highlighting the rot that has spread to the core!


Yet no one and I repeat, not a single person in the BCCI is ready to speak out against its lord and master N Srinivasan. However, one thing’s for sure! Under the calm façade of the BCCI, a tsunami is swelling up, with individuals busy scheming and plotting to save their own interests and casting out the pawns they think are expendable. An all too familiar eventuality!


The caretaker BCCI management has predictably postponed elections, fearing that the dissent may steamroll into a full-scale revolt in the given scenario. A day later, the BCCI mandarins have also called for a working committee meeting to legitimate its move. The emergent meeting on November 18 will give us an indication of whether the winds of change are indeed blowing.


Ironically for Srinivasan, his biggest threat is the rank and file that he has so carefully put together and controls today. But remember that old adage, “biting the hand that feeds”? Beware Mr. Srinivasan for you know not who your Brutus is waiting in the wings to stab you through the heart (figuratively a la Shakespeare). But I have a feeling your end is indeed near!


Till now, Srinivasan's defence was feigning ignorance about his son-in-law Gurunath’s involvement in betting and match-fixing. "I am not responsible for anything that others do. If Gurunath (Meiyappan) has done something, you investigate and take action against him. I can't be held responsible for others' acts,” was his feisty response.


But my friend Srinivasan, what about your most trusted Man Friday, Sundar Raman? You didn't know what Sundar was also doing all along? For someone who negotiates, signs off with cricket boards on bilateral tours, bullies sponsors, broadcasters and the media on your behalf, and is pushed into key commercial working groups at your behest, that argument is clearly circling the drain.


Of course you have the comfort of labeling him a ‘non-state actor’, as he is referred to on the international cricketing circuit waiting patiently outside while you hold world cricket to ransom inside board rooms, but how can you possibly disown the very man entrusted with the dirty work of running world cricket and Indian cricket your way?


There are two other points that I would like to highlight here. I have always said that removing Srinivasan is not enough, and the system as a whole needs to be cleaned. Indian cricket is at its lowest, with even the fans starting to shy away from the game, which is an ominous sign of things to come. It is thus, critical that a group of like-minded people with cricket as their main priority, come together to preserve the dignity and integrity of the game and the BCCI. Secondly, it is time for a thorough investigation on the amount of public money being spent to save the Srini gang.


Justice can be delayed, but not denied! That’s exactly what millions of cricket crazy fans in India, along with me, would be hoping for, come November 24. Everyone’s anxiously waiting for the next chapter to unfold in this spot-fixing saga. Keep watching for more updates over the next few days as more skeletons fall out of the BCCI closet…


Footnote (*deservedly so*): I was amused to see Rajiv Shukla on television, trying to bat for Srinivasan. It is spineless jokers like Shukla who are responsible for the current mess in Indian cricket. Turncoats like Shukla take advantage of any situation to jump sides. It’s high time we get rid of jokers like him.


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