28 November 2023 last updated at 17:26 GMT
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I have issued proceedings in the High Court of Justice in London to set aside the 2012 Chris Cairns libel judgment on the ground of fraud, and to seek the return of all of the damages and costs which I paid following that judgement of over £2.4m. In light of the CPS case against Chris Cairns and Andrew Fitch-Holland, and the injunction which remains in place following the 2012 judgment, I will not be making any further comments until it is appropriate for me to do so.




The BCCI’s president in exile or rather the demon in chief of Indian cricket, N Srinivasan is being questioned by the honourable Supreme Court (SC) of India yet again. But the devil sees no harm in that, yet again!

For me it seems like a sense of deja vu, but just no one in Indian cricket is ready to believe that Srinivasan has done any wrong. Clearly I am living in a world of my own or the others are. For after so many scathing observations, even a tainted minister would have quit. Just how thick skinned can an individual be to hold on to his position. These past 18 months have been a slap on the face of those involved in BCCI.

SC judges have made some scornful observations against N Srinivasan, but questioning his ‘conflict of interest’ while examining the Mudgal report was the final straw. However, more than that, what really upset me was SC’s observation on BCCI killing the game in the country. That was the ultimate blow!

Purely as a follower of the game, not as an administrator, I was distraught. Just how could someone continue unruffled even after such observations, is beyond me! Why would you want to be involved with the game after the highest court of the land has questioned you?

The conflict of interest is an issue, which should never have been allowed in the first place. I concede that it was a mistake to let Srinivasan own a team in IPL. But what has stopped BCCI since 2010 to change the pattern?

It is laughable that in the SC, BCCI’s and Srinivasan’s lawyer continued to parrot the line that Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is not owned by the devil. Just how long can this lie be parroted? Can they not see that the whole cricketing world is laughing at Indian cricket? I am just appalled by the blatant lies being churned out by the BCCI. I am glad to be away from this setup of crooks, and have no wish to share the table with people who lack the interest and respect for the sport, worshipped by millions in the country.

It is not the strength that the devil Srinivasan seems to have. It is the weakness of the others in the BCCI that worries me. They are also guilty by association. I agree with the honourable judges that the fans of the game in the country are being short-changed.

Srinivasan needs to understand that the relationship of morality and power is a very subtle one - because ultimately power without morality is no longer power.

I find it really amusing that instead of tackling the root cause of the spot-fixing issue the BCCI is more interested in tracing the people supporting the petitioner in the IPL spot-fixing case, Aditya Verma. Here, I openly confess about morally supporting Verma and his crusade against the evil intentions of Srinivasan. In fact, I will back anyone who has any good of the game at heart. After all, no individual is bigger than the game. Never was! Never will be!

But Srinivasan certainly believes that he is bigger than the game. With Srinivasan disowning CSK and then also claiming that his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan is not an owner, we are forced to ponder just who owns CSK? Surely not the minor shareholders of India Cements!

Except for himself, Srinivasan has disowned everyone else in this battle, but continues to back his cohort and Man Friday, Sundar Raman. This man, recruited by me, does the dirty job for Srinivasan. Today the devil needs Raman more than anyone else. No wonder then that the mute spectators of BCCI have backed Raman.

According to me, Raman should be the first one to be sent to jail for talking to bookies and not reporting information from ICC’s ACSU to the BCCI on record. You cannot speak to bookies eight times in a season and not know why they were calling you. Raman was obviously bidding for Meiyappan.

It’s time to scrap CSK and Rajasthan Royals. Srinivasan ought to be permanently distanced by self-respecting state associations, and a new order should be established. If they need any help, I am always available to clean up the sport!

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