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Glasgow Rangers FC is an institution in itself given the history and lineage of the club. Yes I am looking at acquiring a stake in this Scottish institution, as I think the club is seriously undervalued. The Glasgow Rangers have a fabulous fan base, a solid home and heritage that dates back over 100 years all of which make for great long term value. I have thus initiated talks with a couple of shareholders to understand the situation onground and am keen that these discussions lead to fruition. Having said that, these discussions are still at a very preliminary stage.


February 11, 2015:  The Honourable Rajasthan High Court granted relief to the office-bearers of the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA). The Court held that the no-confidence motion brought out by Amin Pathan was wholly illegal and arbitrary, as the meeting was held without giving notice and without the requisite notice period of 21 days. The Honourable Court held that even the requisite quorum was not proper and the members who allegedly attended the meeting were unauthorized. Besides, the meeting was held in a private hotel rather than the premises of the RCA.

The court has, thus, quashed the resolutions passed in a meeting dated Ocotber 11, 2014. If there would have been a proper notice given, the required majority for carrying a no confidence motion would have been 25 out of 33.

The court  held that the Chairman of the Rajasthan Sports Council who is at the moment provisionally in charge of RCA can continue to have charge for another 30 days for pre-empting any further disputes.

In this 30-day period, the respondents are free to requisition a meeting for no confidence by moving the Chairman of the Sports Council. If no requisition is moved, the charge would be handed over on March 13 to the office bearers.

If motion fails i.e. if on a requisition, a meeting is called and there is less than 3/4th majority - i.e. the motion of no confidence fails, then the charge would be handed over to the office bearers.

If no-confidence motion is passed, the Chairman of the Sports Council has to act in furtherance of the Act and conduct fresh elections.

Thus even after no confidence, Amin and party shall have no say but fresh elections would have to be conducted.




The weeks building up to the Cricket World Cup 2015 are amongst the most exciting for the cricket fans all over the world. Despite the multitude of international cricket tournaments that have blossomed over the years, the ICC Cricket World Cup remains to this day, the sport’s greatest spectacle and the crickets most most-coveted prize. 

Like all you Indian cricket fans, I too have been waiting with bated breath for the World Cup to kick off Down Under. With each passing day, the anticipation is growing as media helps the build up to the first ball being bowled in Australia on February 14th. But I have ensured that my diary is squeaky clean and devoid of any engagements for the mother of all cricket battles, where our very own ‘Men In Blue’ take to the field as the reigning champions. Intriguingly, our “BOYS in BLUE” will take on our arch nemesis Pakistan on that Scorching Sunday and I hope that it is truly a nail biting, stomach churning match that sets the tone for India’s defense of its top prize.

Like all Indians, I am blindly optimistic that our team will stand up and deliver when it matters the most. But given their disappointing lead-up into this tournament, my optimism may well be misplaced and I fear for the worst. But a quick look at the World Cup draw reassures me.

But as a fan -- and an administrator and well-wisher -- of the sport, the interests of cricket come first for me, superseding the interests of any individual team or any personal loyalties. And what I would like to see more than anything else – including what would be a hugely emotional India win – is a clean World Cup.

What I want to see is the titans of world cricket battling it out in a pure sporting contest, free from corruption, match fixing, spot fixing, and maladministration of any sort.

ICC Chief Executive David Richardson has correctly identified hosting a corruption-free World Cup as the governing body’s greatest challenge. He insists the ICC is better prepared to tackle this menace than it has ever been. But does the ICC have the will to act tough, when needed? Unfortunately, older precedents where the ICC has proven to be little more than a paper tiger - do not give me much hope. And I sincerely hope that I am proved wrong this time around – as it is the greater good of cricket that will be the loser – if anything were to be swept under the carpet.

The eyes of the world are upon the ICC and it needs to ensure a clean World Cup. Corruption has sullied our sport for far too long now.

From the looks of it, we may not be celebrating a repeat of India’s 2011 World Cup triumph. Nevertheless, let the World Cup be a celebration of our wonderful game of cricket. Let’s hope cricket comes out of the World Cup – the sport’s flagship contest – with its reputation burnished rather than tarnished.


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