18 June 2024 last updated at 22:27 GMT
Press Release
N Srinivasan Cross Examination

Selective Amnesia

N Srinivasan believes everyone else was responsible for the FEMA violations except him.

Former BCCI secretary Mr. N Srinivasan appeared today before the Special Director, Enforcement Directorate, Mumbai, for cross examination by Lalit Modi’s lawyers on his statement to ED in respect of alleged FEMA violations i.e. transfer of huge funds from India by BCCI to Cricket South Africa for hosting IPL season 2 (2009).

To a variety of questions by Lalit Modi’s lawyers, N Srinivasan feigned ignorance and conveyed to the adjudicating authority that it was not him as secretary but th president and the treasurer who were responsible for overall management and the financial operations respectively. He sought to put up an impression that in an organisatikn like BCCI secretsry was just a rubber stamp carrying out the presidents instrucitona. Whereas the then presiden of BCCI Mr manohar stated in his CE in no uncertain terms that it was the duty of the Secretarya treasurer to give effect to the resolutions of the WC.

Today Mr Srinivasan firstly pleaded ignorance due to self professed selective amnesia of events , about the WC resolution dated 22 March 2009 clearly making it imperative for him as secretary and me Pandove as treasurer to seek necessary regulatory permissions including RBI permission for shifting of Funds to sa for holding IPL season 2 there.

When confronted with his own emails and documents he pretended to be incapable of reading and took the alibi of eyesight trouble.

Interestingly though his memory took a immediate surge when asked about Mr Lalit Modi. He remembered everything about discussions and allegations against Mr Modi but when questions rolled back to his own role he conveniently forgot everything.

Former treasurer Mr MP Pandove also appeared for cross examination today and claimed that it was Srinivasan’s decision to not seek the RBI approval. He also agreed that the BCCI Secretary is the chief executive of the BCCI. 

On the last day of this Seriea of CE by LKM lawyers of top BCCI functionaries before ED the process has taken a very curious turn. So far the BCCI functionaries sought to put the blame squarely on LKM for shifting IPL to SA and investing heavy BCCI sums in Cricket SA for hosting IPL season 2 whereas when confronted with their own statements and the documents showing their role in there respective Positons of decision making and financial operations of the board in shifting of OPL to SAnand tanager of funds to CSA they are now busy shifting the blame on each other.

So the blame Game continues.


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